American Revolution and American Constitution

American Revolution and American Constitution

This post contains American Revolution and American Constitution and Position of America before the revolution. If any doubt arises, ask it in the comment.

American Revolution and American Constitution

After the seventeenth century France, Holland, and England began to expand their trading activities and to establish colonies in America. The USA was subjugated by Great Britain during the early 18th century but the subjugation could not last long because of two significant ideals – freedom and equality- which emerged strongly in the 18th century in Europe and in America. The occurrence of some events and the emergence of certain thoughts between 1775  and  1783 gave birth to  a  new nation.

The history of the American war of Independence is a record of severe struggle for its redemption from the sovereignty of England. That glorious struggle was launched by the American colonies to regain their freedom against the desire of England and to oppose its stringent colonial policy. It is true that the immediate cause of the American Revolution lays in the imposition of undue taxes upon the colonists, but there were several other causes also. On the one side, the Americans were not prepared to bear with their subjugation under the British sovereignty and on the other, after 1763 the British government formulated and followed such policies, as could reinforce their control over the American Colonies better than it was earlier.

People migrated from Europe to American colonies to get rid of the war of genocide going on constantly in Europe. The poor were sold to the rich and the governing class to be as slaves in war. In order to avoid such a grievous fate, people thought it better to migrate to the American colonies. Most European immigrants left their countries with an intention to earn the profit in American Colonies. The immigration was strengthened by the people’s desire to escape political tortures and to get religious freedom. People thought that in the American colonies they would be able to worship God freely and get redemption from the European religious and communal persecution and suppression and there would be neither the pressure of the church nor the governing classes.

Position of America before the revolution:

In all, there were 13 English colonies from Maine in the north to Georgia in the south. Between 1713 and 1763 numerous English, Scot, German and French immigrants settled in these colonies. The prices of all the American products like wood, leather, tobacco, sugar, copper, and fish increased rapidly in England and Europe, which made the Americans richer. The continuous prosperity which lasted 50 years enhanced the status of Americans in the world. Some American journals like the Gazette, The New York Reporter became popular in Europe and their demand increased there. Many famous universities like Princeton, Yale, Dart-Mouth, Brown etc. had already been established before the revolution.

The colonial culture was a hybrid culture. There were two reasons that contributed to the emergence of a hybrid culture in the American colonies. Firstly, the People who had settled in these Colonies came from different regions of Europe and belonged to various sects and these Colonies had different forms of government and distinct laws. Secondly, they had various sources of livelihood. Therefore, there emerged a special culture which contained the strands of various elements. The people faced identical problems and had to seek a joint solution. In this way,  they patched up their differences gradually for the sake of their existence and developed a specific culture which proved to be very significant although it resembled the European culture.

American Revolution and American Constitution, American Revolution and American Constitution

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