Studyplan: International Relations for GS Mains. How to Study IR for UPSC

Approach to International Relations for General Studies

This article is about Studyplan: International Relations for GS Mains. How to Study IR for UPSC? The Scope: In an interconnected and interdependent world comprising of multiplicity of actors a country like India has to navigate variety of actors, ideas Read more

Buddhist Councils list, Buddhist Councils Table, Buddhist Council UPSC, Buddhist Councils Kashmir, Buddhist Councils IAS

Buddhist Councils Table, Mindmap

Read the Complete article on Buddhism First Buddhist Council Time/Period: 483 BC King: Ajatshatru Venue: Rajgriha Chairmanship: Mehakassaapa Vice Chairman: Only In 4th Council  Decisions: Buddha’s teachings were divided into two parts (Pitakas)- Sutta Pitaka was recited (Sung) by Anand. Vinaya Pitaka was recited Read more

India Germany umbrella agreement, umbrella agreement, umbrella agreement with Germany, umbrella agreement between India and Germany, meaning

India and Germany sign Government to Government Umbrella Agreement

India and Germany signed the Government to Government Umbrella Agreement concerning the Financial Cooperation in 2016 (II) under the Indo-German Development Cooperation. The agreement was signed to formalize an amount up to 200 million Euros for the financial cooperation in Read more

Fiscal Deficit & Union Budget 2018-19

The fiscal deficit will overshoot to 3.5% from the earlier estimate of 3.2% in the current fiscal, ending March 31, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said presenting the Budget in Lok Sabha. While the critics flagged it questioning the government on Read more