Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes PDF

Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes PDF

Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes PDF is available here to download for free. Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes are the first choice of IAS and IFOS aspirants for Agriculture Optional Subject. So first we will introduce you with the notes.

About Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes

Evolution agriculture study material for IAS and IFOS examination. Evolution IAS has teaching experience of more than 12 years. It produces all India toppers and also gives selections in the top 10 list in CSE exam. Its study material covers all the topics of civil service examination as well as IFoS examination. The writing style and Organisation is strictly in accordance with the demand of UPSC examination which makes its notes easy to understand. While reading these notes if aspirants use them intelligently then these notes are sure to go a long way in helping aspirants securing high marks and an eventual selection.

Every year approx 100% toppers (with Agriculture Optional) suggest that aspirants should go through Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes.

Study material consists of 19 booklets: Evolution Agriculture study material for IAS & IFOS examination is following.

  1. Horticulture: Agriculture
  2. Genetics: Agriculture
  3. Genetics book-2: Agriculture
  4. Soil Fertility: Agriculture
  5. Farm management Economics: Agriculture
  6. Entomology: Agriculture
  7. Irrigation and Water management: Agriculture
  8. Ecology: Agriculture
  9. Seed Technology: Agriculture
  10. Physiology: Agriculture
  11. Plant Pathology: Agriculture
  12. Cell Biology: Agriculture
  13. Plant Breeding: Agriculture
  14. Weed Management: Agriculture
  15. Agriculture extension: Agriculture
  16. Soil science: Agriculture
  17. Soil & Agroforestry: Agriculture
  18. Dry Land and Watershed management: Agriculture
  19. Agriculture Marketing: Agriculture

Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes Latest Edition

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Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes PDF Download

Evolution IAS agriculture notes pdf
Evolution IAS agriculture notes pdf

Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes 2019-20 Batch from Plus Pramesh eLib

Evolution IAS Agriculture Notes PDF

Agriculture Optional Notes for Beginners

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