Geography: Mock Test-1

Geography Mock Test-1

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Syllabus: Geography Online Mock Test-1 for IAS Prelims-

  • The universe and solar system
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Earth movement and related aspects
  • Interior of the earth: Structure of the earth interior, Formation of the earth’s crust, Earthquake waves and interior of the earth
  • Theories and related phenomenon: Plate movement, Continental drift theory, Conviction current theory, Seafloor spreading,  Plate tectonic theory
  • Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanism: Extrusive and Intrusive landforms, Orogenesis rocks and rock cycle.
  • Landforms and their evolution: Geographic process- Gradation, Denudation, Weathering, Mass Movement, Erosion, Fluvial process and associated landforms, Coastal, Glacier and wind landforms, Karst Topography.

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