Geography: Mock Test-2

Geography Mock Test-2

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Syllabus: Geography Online Mock Test-2 for IAS Prelims

  • Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanism: Extrusive and Intrusive landforms, Orogenesis rocks and rock cycle.
  • Landforms and their evolution: Geographic process- Gradation, Denudation, Weathering, Mass Movement, Erosion, Fluvial process and associated landforms, Coastal, Glacier and wind landforms, Karst Topography.

Composition and Structure of Atmosphere

  • Structure and Composition
  • Air Pollution, Ozon depletion and Green House effect

Temperature and Insolation

  • Heating and Cooling of Earth
  • Heat Budget
  • Temperature distribution in different parts of the world
  • Isotherms
  • Temperature Inversion

Atmospheric Circulation

  • Atmospheric Pressure, Horizontal distribution of pressure
  • Pressure belt, Shifting of pressure belt (Not covered in NCERTs but very imp topic), Pressure cells


  • Characteristics of winds, Factors affecting climate, Classification of winds, Local winds

Precipitation and related phenomenon

  • Humidity, Condensation, precipitation, clouds (Type), Rainfall (Type and processes), Stability and Instability of atmosphere

Air Mass, Front, and Cyclons

  • Air masses, fronts, jet streams, ITCZ, Temperature, Cyclons


  1. Geography Notes: Premesh eLib Notes
  2. Refer wikipedia for these topics for the very time
  3. Suggested books: Complete booklist

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    1. According to our Statistics, you are getting 28 marks(Approx 30) and approx all conceptual questions are correct. You consumed an average of 25 seconds for each wrong question, it can be the reason behind low score so we suggest you to read each question carefully and don’t rush through the questions.

      And Don’t worry.It will take some time and hard work.
      Take tests regularly and read the explanation carefully.

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