Geography Optional Notes

Pramesh eLib is sharing Geography Optional Notes for UPSC CSE aspirants who have Geography optional subject. Here you can find one-click download links for various segments of these notes.

Geography is a famous optional subject because of scoring nature, study material and books availability and easy to prepare because it is more conceptual and logical. If the student prepare at home, it will hardly take 40 to 60 days (7 to 8 hours in a day) or if joins any coaching, the mentor will complete the geography optional syllabus in approx 45 days.

While preparing for Geography Optional, Geography syllabus for General Studies will be prepared without any extra effort.

Geography Optional Notes one click download

  1. Geomorphology Geography Optional Notes (Click me)
  2. Oceans and Oceanography Geography Optional Notes (Click me)
  3. Climatology Geography Optional Notes (Click me)
  4. Climatology-2 (Click me)
  5. Biogeography Geography Optional Notes (Click me)
  6. India-Physical-Geography (Click me)
  7. Human Geography (Click me)
  8. Cartography Geography Optional Notes (Click me)

Important for Geography Optional Subject

  1. Geography Optional Strategy and Books
  2. Complete Geography Optional Solution


Always remember, preparation is not done without mock test/ test series. So join test series and boost your preparation.

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