How is JEE helpful for Science Students?

JEE is a short form for joint entrance examination conducted for engineering students. In 2013, IIT-JEE was renamed as JEE advanced and AIEEEwas renamed as JEE Mains.  It focuses on the basis for admission into the premier institutes of India, mainly IIT. This is an exam conducted annually for students to get into IIT. Currently there are seven IIT zone’s in India namely Roorkee, Kharagpur, Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Kanpur and Guwahati. IIT Mumbai is ranked the best amongst all of them. There are few other institutions too which consider the JEE ranks to admit students in their colleges.

Importance of Education

Education is the most important aspect in life to gain knowledge as well as to earn for a living. It is important for social and economic development of the nation too. Education is something that will help everyone get the knowledge of basic mistakes done in society and helps them remove corruption, unemployment etc. It helps us to be successful by overcoming failures in life and doing good to ourselves as well as the nation. It acts as a catalyst for the improvement and development of the nation. The higher level of education decides the standard of living of citizens.
 Therefore everyone wishes to get their education in the best colleges and institutions. IIT offers the best education for engineering students in all the 7 zones of the country.

How is JEE helpful for Science Students?

About JEE

There are two levels for this, that is JEE Mains and JEE Advanced which has a gap of approximately one month for preparation. From the year 2017, IIT began conducting JEE exams internationally for the admission of Foreign residents.

JEE mains has its first paper fully computer based and the second paper is party computer based and partly pen and paper. If one manages to clear JEE mains then he/she can attempt JEE advanced. In JEE advanced there will be two papers. A cut-off will be set and one manages to clear the papers then he will have the chance to get into the best college that is IIT. The examination is conducted each year on a round robin rotation pattern.  The exam has a very low qualification rate. In the year 2017, the qualification rate for JEE advanced was around 0.92%- eleven thousand were qualified out of twelve lakhs people.

Know How is JEE helpful for Science Students

From 2019 JEE main will be conducted twice a year by NTA, but advanced will be conducted only once a year by IIT. Around thirty-five lakh people appear for JEE mains and in that, around 7 lakh people write JEE advanced and four thousand two hundred people get selected for IIT. There are many websites that will provide clear information about all these exams like GetMyUni, Collegedunia etc. There are many coaching institutes for JEE. FIITJEE- one of the centres starts training people for IIT from 5th grade. Usually, students start going for coaching after their 10th grade. The JEE papers are available in English and Hindi. In a few states, it is also available in Gujarati.