Keynote IAS Review

Keynote IAS Review for Geography Optional subject coaching by Shamim Anwar in Delhi. Before reading this review you should read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Pramesh eLib is an online platform to provide the study material for CSE aspirants. We do not have any intention to promote or demote any Institution / Academy or platform. This review is only to help aspirants to know that keynote IAS Academy is suitable for them or not.

Keynote IAS Review

First of all, we are not saying that Keynote IAS is good or bad but we are trying to let you know that Keynote IAS is suitable for you or not.

Mr. Shamim Anwar Sir is the face behind Keynote IAS and aspirants join him to prepare for Geography optional subject. Here one aspect is very crucial to know that Shamim Sir do not teach only geography but he also teaches how to think as an IAS and this is the beauty of his class.

It will be insulting and cheap act if we discuss his knowledge of geography and we are not going to discuss anything on his knowledge.

Atmosphere in Class

Let us discuss something about his class. In the very first class, Shamim Sir keenly describes syllabus and tells you about sources to prepare like books or notes. His interactive classes will never be boring for you because he always asks questions and motivates you to answer logically.

If you join his classes, he will always tell you that he is not interested in the correct answer but he wants you to apply a correct logic because by the time you will be able to answer correctly if you apply correct logic. Actual he takes interest in improving mental strength to answer any different and difficult question and in thought process development.

In his class students feel free to ask any questions or put their views. Yes, during the lecture sometimes you can feel that Sir is not on right track (Not teaching geography) but the truth is that 99.99% of his words will be directly or indirectly related to the syllabus (We will discuss it below in Teaching Techniques Section with example).

Humble nature of Shamim Sir will make you feel free. After 5 to 6 classes, you will become his friend.

So we can say that the atmosphere of class is good because of-

  1. You can ask anything.
  2. Humble and loving Nature of Sir.
  3. Sir will never let you get bored.
  4. You can ask the same question again if you still confused.
  5. Most important- You can eat bananas or biscuits if you are hungry… HaHaHa (On a lighter note)

Teaching Techniques

Shamim Sir has unique teaching techniques. Let’s have an example here

Example (Actually happened in class)

If he wants to teach you that why eastern states are less developed while these states own maximum natural resources ? but you are not getting the point then he will let you know that why people in eastern states are more reactive? (At this point you can think that Sir is not on right track) and after next 3 to 4 minutes, you will know, why eastern states are less developed while these states own maximum natural resources?

In 99% cases, you will get the concept in class so there is nothing to worry about his teaching techniques. He knows very well that how you will learn

Syllabus completion

Here it depends on your general intelligence. If you join his class for 14 days then you should not expect that the syllabus will be covered in details.

But yes, if you join for 45 or 50 days course, syllabus will be covered in details.

Here we have to mention that he also helps to develop command on Atlas in class.

Crux of Keynote IAS Review

Keynotes IAS can be a better choice for Geography Optional. We review Keynote IAS on the basis of faculty (Mr. Shamim Anwar Sir).

Actual it does not matter that you are going in the building of Keynote IAS or any other institute but it depends on the faculty.

Rest we leave on your intelligence.


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