Indian Polity By M. Laxmikant

Download Indian Polity by M Laxmikant in pdf format and we are also sharing a link for the latest edition of Indian Polity Book M. Laxmikant. Laxmikanth Indian polity pdf

Laxmikanth Indian polity pdf

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Indian Polity by Laxmikant Latest edition:

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No doubt, UPSC has proven the importance of Indian Polity & constitution in its various examination but when we are talking about Civil Service Examination it becomes more important to have basic understanding about Indian Polity & Constitution because about one fourth (20 to 25 questions) segment of General Studies Paper-1 of Prelims exam will be covered by this subject and in Mains examination question for 120 to 160 marks will be definitely asked, yes it can be from current aspect or the things which is happening since last years and having deep relation with Indian political system or anywhere with Indian Constitution.

If any aspirant wants to answer these questions, he or she has to be familiar with this subject and to fulfill the same purpose McGraw Hill Publication presented a book named Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant and currently, it has introduced 5th edition of this book.

As many toppers (not all) who cracked this exam even without going in any coaching institute proudly suggested this book Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant because this book covers approx all dimensions which are required in this exam and written in simple language so that any general reader or a beginner can read it easily and the book covers wide range and scope of issues make it valueable to any postgraduate, research scholor, academics and as I mentioned general readers like us.

A lot of toppers suggest another book named The Constitution of India by Aacharya D.D. Basu which is also served on this plateform and if you want to have a look of this book you just need to click on the link.

About the Author of this book-

M Laxmikanth is a well known author and trainer who has written many preparatory books for aspirants of Civil Services competitive examinations. Besides this book he has written prep books like Governance in India for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination and Public Administration. 

Personal Note

All the Best for your preparation and I am wishing you a great and joyful future


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Laxmikanth Indian polity pdf, Laxmikanth Indian polity pdf