Online Advertisement

Hello, At Pramesh eLib we provide Online Advertisement Facility for Institutions or Individuals who want to reach a large number of students in less time.

At Pramesh eLib, students come from every single corner of India and access our free and paid services but we always try to fill every single corner of our web pages with some additional and useful information that is why we are starting Online Advertisement Facility.

How much we charge for Online Advertisement

Here is the list of how and how much we charge.

  1. CPC at Pramesh eLib: INR 03.00/-
  2. CPC for Telegram/WhatsApp Groups: INR 02.00/-
  3. Paid Newsletter: INR 05.00/- One Email
  4. One Backlink: INR 1000.00/- Annual
  5. Multiple Backlinks: INR 400.00/- Annual
  6. Paid and hidden article or review: INR 5000.00/- Annual
  7. Advertisement in our YouTube Video: INR: 3000.00/-

Some Basic Terms of Agreement

  1. Advertisers can suggest or provide their click tracking technology but Pramesh eLib will have the authority to take last decision about the same.
  2. Image(s) (provided by the advertiser) should not be more than 100kb.
  3. Minimum budget should be INR 1000.00/-

Contact us

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  3. WhatsApp: +91 7987211847