Geography: Mock Test-3

Geography Mock Test-3

Geography Mock Test-3

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Syllabus: Geography Online Mock Test-3 for IAS Prelims

Atmospheric Circulation

  • Atmospheric Pressure, Horizontal distribution of pressure
  • Pressure belt, Shifting of pressure belt (Not covered in NCERTs but very imp topic), Pressure cells


  • Characteristics of winds, Factors affecting climate, Classification of winds, Local winds

Precipitation and related phenomenon

  • Humidity, Condensation, precipitation, clouds (Type), Rainfall (Type and processes), Stability and Instability of atmosphere

Air Mass, Front, and Cyclons

  • Air masses, fronts, jet streams, ITCZ, Temperature, Cyclons

Cyclones, Monsoon, ENSO

  • Tropical Cyclones, Storm Surges, Thunderstorm, Lightning, Thunder, Tornadoes
  • Monsoon of India, El Nino, La Nina, ENSO, Southern Oscillation Index, Walker Circulation, Teleconnection, Relation between monsoon and ENSO, El Nino Modoki, Indian Ocean Dipole, Madden Julian Oscillation

Climate and Weather

  • Micro climate
  • Urban Heat Island

World Climate and Vegetation

Ocean – Relief, Temperature, Salinity

  • Ocean relief an d minor relief features
  • Factors affecting temperature distribution
  • Vertical and horizontal distribution of Temperatur
  • Factors affecting ocean salinity
  • Vertical and horizontal distribution of salinity

Movement of Ocean water

  • Movement of Currents, Ocean currents in different oceans( Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean), Tides, Waves, Thermohaline Circulation

Ocean Resources

  • Fishing, Phytoplankton, Mineral Resources

Corals and Coral Reefs

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