Braintree Anthropology Printed Notes by GS Karthik


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Get Braintree Anthropology Printed Notes by GS Karthik for IAS Mains Anthropology Optional Subject. we are providing Braintree’s Anthropology Notes at the lowest price. Total 1100 Pages

Braintree is one in the best coachings for Anthropology Optional Subject in Hyderabad. Apart from Anthropology Optional it also offered the coaching for Public Administration and General Studies. Braintree’s study material is also very helpful for Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. Anthropology Optional of Braintree under the guidance of G.S.Karhik is very effective.

Here is paperback study material and the photocopy is done by the best copier and clearly visible.

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Language : English

Content of Braintree Anthropology Printed Notes by GS Karthik

  1. Meaning ,Scope & development of anthropology Marriage
  2. Family Religion ANTHROPOLOGICAL theories
  3. The biological basis of life: Concept of Genetic polymorphic and selection
  4. Age sex and population variation
  5. Concept of human growth and development.
  6. Role of Anthropology in tribal and rural development.
  7. Impact of Buddhism , Jainism,Islam and Christianity of Indian society
  8. Ethnicity , Ethnic conflicts and political developments


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