Significance of the French Revolution in the World History

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The significance of the French Revolution in the World History:

French revolution influenced not only the French public but left an indelible impression on Europe and the entire world. Before and during the revolution, certain ideas were put forward which later became the foundation of modern thought and practice. The first republic of France lasted a few years only and may indicate that the revolution was a fiasco. Although France retrieved monarchy, it sustained good objectives of the revolution. Feudal prerogatives could not flourish again and the Church could not revive its bygone glory. The government was run efficaciously and the condition of farmers improved considerably. Jurisdiction of the law increased.  Taxation was made more rational.

The French Revolution originated a new concept in the matter of state, propagated new ideology with respect to politics and society and presented a fresh, novel outlook towards life. The Revolution claimed that nationality did not mean the subjection to one ruler but to a sharing of same, blood, language and tradition. The idea of nationalism had a profound effect on Europe and, later on, the world. Nearly every revolution in the 19th and 20th century was caused by nationalistic ambitions. Its effect can be also seen in the Indian struggle for independence. The declaration of the Rights of Man, a statement of the people’s rights issued by the French revolutionary government in1789, laid down the democratic principle that any government should be “for the people” and “by the people”. It also emphasized the principle of the popular sovereignty, and that ultimately the people had the right to create a government or to remove it if it does not work for the welfare of the people. The revolution acquainted the people with their rights and they had come to know about their individual freedom.  The  Revolution established the principle that a country should be led by men of ability and not necessarily by men of the noble birth and this had enabled Napoleon to rise from obscurity to the position of the Emperor of  France.

The significance of the French Revolution in the World History

It can be said that French Revolution has played a remarkable role in the making of the modern age in Europe and other countries of the world and familiarised the common people with the spirit of liberty, equality, and democracy. It started a number of movements where people demanded not only political freedom but also right to property and freedom of expression. They also demanded franchise. The revolution aroused the spirit of political, social and economic equality. Women claimed equal rights with men. The Revolution awakened the spirit of nationalism, which paved the way for the unification of Italy and Germany. It also popularized the concept of democracy. Absolute monarchy was replaced by the constitutional monarchy in many countries. It fortified the concept of fraternity and separated religion from politics. It stood for secularism and condemned religious fanaticism. The ideas of liberty and democratic rights were the most important legacy of the French Revolution. These spread from France to the rest of Europe during the nineteenth century, where feudal systems were abolished. Colonial peoples reworked the idea of freedom from bondage into their movements to create a sovereign nation-state. Tipu Sultan and Ram Mohan Roy were greatly influenced from the ideas coming from revolutionary France. The impact of ideas of nationalism, democracy, equality, etc., which arose from the French Revolution can be seen in the Indian struggle for independence and on Indian Constitution.

The significance of the French Revolution in the World History, Significance of the French Revolution in the World History
The significance of the French Revolution in the World History, Significance of the French Revolution in the World History

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